Stormwater Mitigation and Flooding

Durkan Talks Flooding

Flooding not only has an economic effect on our region, but has the ability to wash away years of memories in people’s homes by the destruction in creates. Marty understands the economic and emotional toll that flooding can have on a family. That is why Marty is committed to making sure the MWRD implements all the necessary policies and procedures to protect us against the negative effects of flooding. Marty will expand on the MWRD’s work to address flooding.

Marty will:

  • Invest in infrastructure projects, such as TARP and dredging projects, to make sure that stormwater runs off in natural channels and not your basement.
  • Cooperate with local municipalities and adjacent sanitary and water districts to ensure that everyone is working to mitigate stormwater and flooding.
  • Set up education programs for residents to they know that in the case they do flood what programs and services are out there to make them whole again.