Innovations in Infrastructure

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For more than 115 years, the MWRD has been on the cutting edge of civil engineering, producing infrastructure marvels that inspire the world. Marty believes that the MWRD needs to continue its long history of global innovation.

Innovations in infrastructure will help address the challenges facing the MWRD when it comes to keeping our drinking water safe, mitigating flooding, and making sure we are protecting our most important resource water. Innovations in infrastructure also help create jobs and put working men and women back to work on projects that help their community.

Marty will:

  • Find funding from all levels of government to best leverage taxpayers’ dollars for MWRD infrastructure projects.
  • Expand the scope of MWRD’s infrastructure projects to include more alternative energy sources and green technologies.
  • Make sure that all projects are done under prevailing wage and responsible bidder laws to protect the MWRD’s 2,000 workers.