Good Government and Transparency

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The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District is an incredibly important government agency, but many residents aren’t familiar with its core functions. While the current MWRD leadership has increased transparency, there is always room for improvement.

Marty Durkan will push to make sure that the residents of Cook County are informed about what the MWRD is doing and how they are spending taxpayer dollars. From communication with taxpayers to openness in the procurement and bidding processes, Marty will put our interests first as MWRD commissioner.

Marty will:

  • Advocate for more community engagement and education by partnering with schools, municipalities, and community groups.
  • Push to have board meetings video recorded and available online for residents to watch and stay informed.
  • Implement a stronger vetting process on procurement and contract bidding where responsible contracts are awarded, conflicts of interest are avoided, and environmental and labor concerns are addressed.