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Good Government and Transparency
The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District is an incredibly important government agency, but many residents aren’t familiar with its core functions. While the current MWRD leadership has increased transparency, there is always room for improvement.

Clean Drinking Water and Proper Waste Management
As a father of four, Marty Durkan understands that clean water is vitally important to our families. The Great Lakes, and in particular Lake Michigan, provide drinking water to millions of people. This resource must be protected from contamination of all types.

Stormwater Mitigation and Flooding
Flooding not only has an economic effect on our region, but has the ability to wash away years of memories in people’s homes by the destruction in creates. Marty understands the economic and emotional toll that flooding can have on a family.

Innovations in Infrastructure
For more than 115 years, the MWRD has been on the cutting edge of civil engineering, producing infrastructure marvels that inspire the world. Marty believes that the MWRD needs to continue its long history of global innovation.